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Frequently Asked Questions

  • "Do you only make countertops and tables?" No. Wood Tops and Tables primarily makes tops and tables.  Art, wall hangings, unique shelving, replacement wood windowsills, and furniture using a wide variety of mediums are readily available. WT&T will be happy to discuss any project you have in mind.

  • "Do you do any commercial work?" Yes. Industrial grade tools allow WT&T to comfortably compete in the commercial market. 

  • "How well will they hold up?"  For generations potentially. All products from Wood Tops and Tables are designed, built, and finished with strength and durability in mind. The better they are treated the longer they will last.

  • "What kind of finish do you use?" The finish used on a project is determined by the intended use of the project and preference of the customer. Common finishes are polyurethane, resin, lacquer, oil, wax, or a combination thereof.

  • "What about moisture and scratches?"   The special polyurethane finish is designed to dent and not scratch. It completely prevents any moisture penetration so water is never an issue.

  • "How do I clean them? Simple soap and water.

  • "What are the biggest no-no's?" NO fingernail polish or remover, no intense heat, and don't cut directly on them/it, use a cutting board.

  • "I would like to make my own top, are you willing to help me if I get stuck?" Yes. Consultation and work table rental options are available. Helping you achieve your goal is the goal.

  • "How much should I expect to spend?"  Specific details about your project are needed before approximating any cost. It's best to call, text, or email with your project details and an estimate can be provided quickly.

  • "How long does it take?" Typically a couple of weeks depending on the scope of your project and the workload ahead of you. If you have a deadline please share it and you will be informed if it can be met or not.

  • "Will you work directly with our remodeling/building contractor?" Most certainly, and you will be kept in the loop as far as timing and information, but you will be the decision maker.

  • "What about legs? Do you supply and/or install them?" Wood Tops and Tables can custom make legs for you, you can provide legs to be installed, or you can be referred to suppliers. They can be installed as part of the project then removed for your own installation at home.

  • "Do you deliver and install?" Delivery and installation is not standard but can be included in the project cost and handled by WT&T by request.

  • "What is the best way to reach you?"

By phone HERE     By email   HERE​ 

  • "Do you have any in process photos or videos?" Yes, on Facebook HERE

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