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Wood Tops and Tables is much more than a woodshop, it's more like an art studio that has a love for wood. Custom countertops or tables of any variety can be made specifically for you with wood you purchase from us or personally supply. If we don't have the right piece for your project we can find it. You can also purchase unique tops, tables, or art displayed right in our own showroom but the most unique aspect of what we offer is ... teamwork. Whether you are a private individual or another professional woodworker Wood Tops and Tables is here to help you.

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   Ways we can help:

  • Sanding for days and feel like you're going nowhere?

The 42" wide belt sander at Wood Tops and Tables can make quick work

of transforming​ your rough project into being ready for a finish sand in no time

  • Glue joints driving you crazy?

The straight line rip saw makes cuts for you that are so straight

and smooth they are ready for glue-up right from the saw

  • Slabs can be flattened for you on the state of the art table designed

specifically for that purpose

  • Idea got you stumped?

Quick advice and referrals are gladly offered or one

on one instruction and/or consultation services can

be scheduled for a fee.

  • Need material? There's live edge slabs of all sizes and random

hardwood lumber readily available in the showroom.

If it's not there it can usually be found for you.​

  • Got a small shop but a big project?

Rent a worktable daily or weekly and do your resin pour,

glue-up, or fabrication right at Wood Tops and Tables. 

  • Finish product options have you totally confused?

Using the right ones makes all the difference in the world and

Wood Tops and Tables offers the professional  ones they use.







For questions or inquiries please reach us at:

Wood Tops and Tables

11749 Avon Belden Road

Eaton Township, Ohio 44044


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