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Wood Tops and Tables shop and showroom is much more than a woodshop, it's more like an art studio that has a love for wood. 

Furniture, sculpture, and paintings can be found on display in the showroom available for purchase but many of the projects created at WT&T are commission pieces. These are temporarily placed on display in the showroom until the client is ready for delivery which provides you the opportunity to discuss your project while enjoying the level of excellence in design and finish.

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Ron Roell, owner of Wood Tops and Tables, is a master craftsman with

five decades of award winning experience in design and execution in the 

construction and arts industries. This is his passion and he loves knowing

each piece he makes is not only honoring the tree it came from but also

each person who lays eyes on it. Commercial or residential, large or small,

If you have an idea he can make it happen for you.​​






For questions or inquiries please reach out at:

Wood Tops and Tables

11749 Avon Belden Road

Eaton Township, Ohio 44044


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